The exhibition addresses the question of how artists of different origin process their arrival in Germany within their artwork. This topic allows manifold individual interpretations, consequently many artistic answers can be seen: Does the term “arrival“ express a state or a feeling? Is it perceived as a component or as an obstacle to one’s own creative process? And above all, how and where is it displayed within art?

The concept of the exhibition was jointly developed by the curators, the artists and the gallery manager. This participatory approach, unusual for a group exhibition, culminated into a two-day workshop at the gallery at the end of October 2017, during which all participants exchanged views on the selection of artwork, its placement and possible curatorial connections.

The visitors are also invited to participate in the dialogue – during their visit of the exhibition as well as within the context of the accompanying event programme. Because the concept of arrival is shaped by expectations and assumptions connected with different meanings – depending on whether you look at it from the perspective of the “one who arrived” or the so-called “mainstream society”.

The biographies without any documentary claim are an important part of the exhibition: The artists themselves have decided what they want to convey and how they integrate it artistically. This additional perspective on both the artwork and its creators makes it clear that life story and artwork cannot be separated.

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